Recently Updated Projects

Researchers identifying caddisfly presence in Ozark stream

Reaffirmed Occurrence of Two Vulnerable Caddisfly Species of Conservation Concern

A cooperative study between MDC, USGS, Missouri State University and the James Foundation to determine the current status of two caddisfly species of Conservation Concern in the Maramec Spring Branch.

Pawnee Prairie

Grasslands LiDAR Learning Project

MDC is exploring the use of LiDAR to model headcuts, bank instability, and riparian corridor condition assessment within the Grand River Grasslands.

Clockwise from upper right- indigo bunting, Site 6 sunrise, golden mouse, ground flora quadrat, spotted salamanders, rough green snake


The Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project is a long-term, landscape-scale experiment that measures how the living and non-living parts of a forested ecosystem respond to forest management.

Bald Eagles

Eagle Watch Program

The Missouri Eagle Watch Program allows volunteers to contribute to the conservation of bald eagles in the state by reporting eagle and eagle nest sightings and collecting other information.

Projects by Division



Mission: To manage biodiversity and sport fish populations for the benefit of Missouri users and provide excellent public service and quality...



Mission: To ensure healthy and sustainable forests and woodlands for future generations to use and enjoy.

Outreach and Education

Outreach & Education division

Mission: Empower Missouri citizens to become actively engaged in outdoor recreation activities and learn about conservation efforts.

Private Lands

Private lands division

Mission: To help landowners meet their land management objectives in ways that enhance fish, forest, and wildlife conservation.

Resource Science

Radio Telemetry

Mission: To provide the science-based information needed to conserve, appreciate, and effectively manage the living resources of Missouri.



Mission: To actively manage and restore Missouri’s plants, animals, and their habitats for the use and enjoyment of present and future generations...