Missouri Bat Habitat Conservation Plan

Project Lead

  • Kelly Rezac

Project Researchers

  • Tony Elliott
  • Jordan Meyer
  • Rich Blatz
  • Chris Newbold
  • Laura Ruman
  • Lisa Potter
  • Lin Kuhn
  • Theresa Hyland
  • Katherine Ward
  • Benjamin Tjepkes
Indiana bats

Project Summary

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has developed a Bat Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) to address the potential for covered forest management activities to cause incidental take of five listed or otherwise at-risk bat species over a period of 50 years. The plan covers Indiana, gray, northern long-eared, little brown, and tricolored bats. The primary goal of the MDC Bat HCP is to obtain authorization for incidental take of the five covered species for specific management and monitoring activities as administered by MDC. The plan covers forest and habitat management activities statewide on 42 million acres of habitat used by the five bat species. It includes measures to alleviate impacts of forest management on these species when unintentional take occurs. The covered area includes lands owned and managed by MDC as well as private lands where the agency financially supports private landowners to manage fish, forest, and wildlife resources. Coverage on private lands is available on a voluntary basis to any landowner participating in MDC cost-share programs. MDC aims to avoid, minimize, and mitigate potential impacts of covered forest and habitat management on these species while continuing to manage forests for long-term habitat benefits and recreational opportunities for Missourians. The HCP will be in effect for 50 years unless terminated by either MDC or the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Questions about this project can be directed to Kelly Rezac.

Wed, 02/23/2022

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