Community Trees

Project Lead

  • Thomas Treiman

Project Researchers

  • Ann Koenig
  • Martha McCrary
  • Heather Scroggins

Project Partners

  • United States Forest Service
Conservation Ambassadors Monitor Urban Forests

Project Summary

MDC’s Community Forestry Program advises, coordinates, and facilitates the efforts that affect Missouri’s community-owned trees. Assistance provided by MDC is targeted at local governments, arborists, non-profit organizations, and planning councils. To better understand urban forest values and status, citizen and official attitudes towards certain community forestry issues, such as hazard trees, topping, and urban sprawl, MDC has used surveys, inventories, focus groups and other tools over the years.

Project Updates

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Project Datasets

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Project Papers & Presentations

Missourian’s and their Community Trees: Results from a MDC Survey

A survey was administered in 2012 including asking respondents how they would vote on two hypothetical ballot questions: would they be willing to pay a tax (of varying level) to fund tree care and maintenance, and would they support establishing a new law to protect trees during development. Based on pre-tests, the survey was printed in 10 different versions, each with a different tax level ($X) in the hypothetical ballot issue.


Human Dimensions, Natural Resource Economics, Tree Research, Trees/Plants


Forest Conservation, Urban forestry