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Community Health Index Models

Topics:  Community Ecology Plant Research Restoration Tree Research Trees/Plants

First, identify the boundaries of the community unit in ArcGIS. Use ArcGIS, aerial imagery and site knowledge to fill in the answers to most of the metrics in Section I of the Rapid Assessment tab. In ArcGIS assign

Second, conduct a timed meander across a representative swath of the unit. Answer all of the components of Sections I to IV of the assessment. An optional method that currently doesn’t affect the score but could be useful to differentiate very similar scoring sites is to record the presence/absence of the characteristic and matrix species within three 10-minute intervals within the unit. For each interval the entire species list is re-sampled. This will provide some baseline frequency data that might be very useful for future comparisons. However, one could simply answer the questions as posed in the form and not complete the occupancy sampling columns in the Composite Species List tab. Aim to spend under 1 minute and 30 seconds per half hectare (1.2 acres). NOTE that for animal records, species sitings within the past five years on an area is acceptable to count in the index. Note birds need to be surveyed for during the breeding season safe dates.

Third, compute the value for the Rapid Assessment.

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Trees; Ecology; Restoration
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